3 Brilliant Hashtag Strategies


Hashtag started as user-innovation- later adopted by one of the most popular social network, Twitter. Twitter started to use hyperlink hashtags for search results. The remaining socials-sphere followed the trend at its own pace. The Facebook crew decided to opt hashtags as a normal feature. It is quite believable that for users over the age of thirty, hashtags are new. The use of hashtags in your marketing campaigns has become somewhat important, as to keep up with the trends of your customers.

Hashtags As a Marketing Strategy:

An investigation of the activity of the 100 top brands of the world on Twitter has revealed that all the top brands have completely adopted the use of posts with hashtags. As provided by the previous year’s survey, 97% of the world-renowned brands have used hashtags in their tweets at least once. Out of the regular tweets posted by the 100 brands, 45% of them included one hashtag whereas 67% of them included more than one hashtags.

3 Strategies for Hashtags:


  • Campaign and Brand Specific:


Campaign and brand specific hashtags refer to tags dedicated to your own business. You can use them for promotions and marketing of your brand.

Here we refer to your brand hashtag as your company tagline. Create a brand hashtag which is not only unique but also defines your business. A hashtag as your trademark, or signature tag.

Campaign tags on the other hand are campaign specific. For instance, if you plan to introduce a summer sale on your store, you should opt for a unique hashtag that would be used for solely for that sale. Simply said, for short term marketing. For a campaign hashtag, you can also use the phrases you have used for your current marketing campaign. Prior to using them however, ensure that none of them have been used before on social sites like Twitter and Instagram.


  • Trending Hashtags


A trending hashtag refers to a popular topic. You see the trends on twitter, and now on Facebook as well. All these campaigns are using hashtag while referring to a popular topic. Trending hashtags are changing today. Trends change in less than 10 minutes. Marketers should make use of any tag that relates to their business in some way. The content you update is free and seen by more than your followers and fans. Note: Never post a trend that is not relevant to your business.


  • Content Hashtags


Content hashtags can be used in your posts. Content hashtags neither define your marketing nor business. They are not always popular or trending. They in fact are common hashtags used to relate to your content. For instance, at Wishpond, a lot of content hashtags are used such as #marketing, # socialmedia, #marketing etc. Content Hashtags are also used for searching products. When you post content relevant to your product, you can always use hashtag which connects to both your market and product. For example, if you are an online bag store, you can post images of the new bags in store using #leatherbag or #Coolnewbag etc.

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