Because "Apocalypse 99-Cent Store" just sounds stupid.


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We are the Apocalypse Five & Dime! Love us! I command you!

With roots in Brooklyn’s unconventional brass band scene, Apocalypse Five and Dime delivers both harmonic, ukulele-laced tunes and wild, foot-stomping numbers backed by sousaphone and marching bass drum.

The seven-piece lineup includes banjo, fiddle, sax, trombone, ukulele, bass drum and tuba, with three members contributing vocals. Songs range widely in feeling and style, drawing on the sounds of Balkan brass bands, old time folk, soul, do-wop, punk, metal, early jazz, and modern dance pop. The band released its first EP, Underwater, in 2010, and will release a full-length debut this spring.

AIR JORDAN series of shoes in the sales and market demand to be way ahead of other products, year to establish a higher design, innovation and function for the whole sports shoes industry benchmarking. Core products is the perfect combination of athletes, and technology - basketball history's most dazzling star Michael Jordan, as well as the star experience brilliant career basketball shoes, highlighting the relentless pursuit of function, innovation and achievement he.

Trapeze (Air Jordan) is Nike flag with the most famous NBA star Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) named series. In 1985, Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) to be paid the contract at the time or a small manufacturer of sporting goods manufacturers Nike (Nike) contract to flag, Nike (Nike) more immediately to Jordan launched the first to Jordan sneakers named, namely the trapeze (Air Jordan) series of the first paragraph. Although the shoe has a peculiar color as well as new technology at the time, but not everyone thought, this could be the beginning of a myth.

AIR JORDAN outsole uses solid traction force and excellent flexibility. And design of natural movement grooves mimic your feet. Jordan Brand's Tom Luedecke explained: "it's zonal engineering to match the footprint. We are looking for a footprints found shoes wear the first place, the amount of traction mode". Jordan brand developed proprietary knitting technology and standard carbon fiber does not have what different, but its size and shape are different. It provides the right amount of rigid, while still allowing the foot naturally bend.

In addition to the "rope" ankle the latest concept of science and technology, AIR JORDAN XX also try every way to show Michael Jordan and the brilliant AIR JORDAN series of the past using LASER laser engraving technology. As long as careful observation is not difficult to find, in the AIR JORDAN XX vamp is magic bandage, carved with greatly small, every kind of different shapes, patterns, and these patterns each and are independent of the overall, among them, we can find the most high score in the Jordan occupation career; we can also see the Jordan birthday; or, the car can attract your attention, because it is Jordan purchased the first car; one only has 6 fingers of the hand, it is said, Jordan has 6 Championship rings.

Now, Air Jordan XX for most shoes fans, is no longer what strange things. But Air Jordan XX introduced the meaning in 2005, but should not be what we forget. For us, Air Jordan XX vamp pattern is a kind of additional in the history of the language, its disclosure is after 20 years of wind and rain, record, is Jordan and air (Air Jordan) in the past 20 years brilliant series.


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